Specialty’s Warm CookieAlert™

Everyone has a favorite food service (free mint after your meal, online table reservations) and here’s ours:

Specialty’s Warm CookieAlert™.

We think it may be the best use of modern technology and email reminders ever.

An email address and a few clicks will get you customized alerts when hot cookies come out of the Specialty’s ovens. You can select the locations and cookie varieties you care about and you get an email letting you know they’re ready. And if you don’t want to register for the email alerts, you can also check out the fun GPS-type map that shows a blinking cookie on the Warm Cookie Radar.

Here’s a screenshot of the Warm Cookie Radar map:

Here’s the email we got yesterday:

Dear Alexis

Your personalized Warm CookieAlert™ has found these warm cookies for you…

101 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA
4:16pm Cookie - Semi Sweet
4:16pm Cookie - Milk Chocolate

Seriously, this is great if you work near a Specialty’s and you’re sitting at your desk in need of an excuse to leave the office every day. We get major points with the co-workers for being able to deliver hot cookies without fail whenever we take a coffee break.

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[Photo of Specialty’s cookie via Transparent Reality/Flickr]


Specialty’s Warm CookieAlert™