Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

The most inventive Indian food may not be the most authentic, but we’ve long loved Tamarind Bay style. Lunch is a solid deal - plenty for your money, especially on the buffet - and the service has always been excellent on our visits.

So holding steady in Harvard Square, we weren’t too surprised to see a second location spring up along Beacon Street in Brookline. On a corner facing the tempting treats of Emack and Bolio’s, the location features a wide range of new dishes, and the menu is sometimes missing the items we loved most in Cambridge.

Yet, we’re so into the new space, even if they’ve only unofficially opened for now. Redecorating continues, but from your seat, you’re likely to catch the breeze wafting in through the windows that opens the whole restaurant to the street. A much more seafood-heavy menu, it doesn’t so closely resemble the Tamarind across the river, but we’re adventurous and up for a challenge. Try the kind crab paired with always appealing fluffy naan.

Stay tuned for their official opening on Monday!

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Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay