Sister Sister

Why do “mom and pop” get all the credit for having small, cozy spots locals and tourists alike love? Didn’t you ever have a sibling whose talents far exceeded yours, who outshined your accomplishment, all while making everyone comfortable, never focusing on the inferiority of others?

Okay, to be fair, none of us have a sibling quite like that. But it’s nice to dream, right? But siblings come to mind when we traverse the South End. In addition to Tremont Street’s more obviously named Sibling Rivalry, Sister Sorel down the block conjures memories of shared holiday presents, racing our bikes…you know, kid stuff. But Sorel’s, the - yes, we’ll go there - sister bar to Tremont 647 isn’t for tikes. It is, however, sort of like it’s neighboring restaurant took off the training wheels. Too many metaphors? Then let’s get down to what matters.

Drinks! Mixed drinks of all shapes and sizes are served ridiculously fast in this tiny bar, and many an option is on tap, as well. And while we know that size doesn’t matter, this square footage of this bar alone may make one question just how social they feel. No worries - grab another mojito from your friendly server and you’ll be chatting up new folks in no time. One tip though: Sister Sorel is often filled to the brim with good lookin’ fellas, though ladies be warned, they may not swing your way. Go to relax and come home feeling refreshed. And maybe a little hungover. Don’t worry - we won’t tattle.

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Sister Sister