Serious Eats City Guide Covers Philadelphia

Serious Eats (truly, one of the most awesome food blogs out there) debuted a new feature last week in the form of a SE city guide. The first installation covered New York City and resident super-eater Ed Levine compiled a list of twenty different “bests” in his home city. (Sample categories include burger, bar food, deli, brunch without the wait, and barbecue). For the second edition of the SE city guide, they headed down to Philly (!!) and had Joy Manning, the restaurant critic for Philadelphia Magazine put together a list of some of her favorite spots of archetypal foods.

So, what can one find on the Serious Eats City Guide: Philadelphia? The list is populated by some usual suspects (Good Dog for best burger, Royal Tavern for late night eats, Morimoto for sushi, and Tony Luke’s for pork sandwiches), but there are also some less expected picks, or at least ones that wouldn’t necessarily immediately come to mind.

More on these, after the proverbial jump.

Par example, for “Best ‘Date Night’ Spot,” Manning has chosen two restaurants. The first (Ansill) is one that lots of people might think of — very deservedly, of course. However, sharing the honors is Mr. Martino’s Trattoria, described as “a semi-secret restaurant with no sign and covered up windows. Stepping inside takes you back in time about 50 years and the homey, inexpensive Italian food always satisfies.”

There are other winners that, while beloved, show some subtlety as choices. Like say, Tony Luke’s (yes, again), for the obligatory best cheesesteak. Or, Capogiro… as “Must Eat Before Leaving.” Quoth Manning: “if you visit Philadelphia and don’t visit Capogiro, you should lose your rights to access this website or ever call yourself a Serious Eater again. If you can only enjoy one bite of Philadelphia, get yourself a cup of this heavenly stuff.” And on that note…

Mosey on over to Serious Eats to check out the rest of the list! Are there any glaring omissions? Any picks that you think are just plain wrong? As always, you should feel more than free to weigh in in the comments.

[Photo: via Serious Eats]


Serious Eats City Guide Covers Philadelphia