School Lunches Go Locavore; Ed Brown Goes Fishing

• Six local private schools are getting locavore menus after requests from parents, administrators, and even students to stop buying products from major food conglomerates. [NYS]

• Apparently, the same thing is happening in public schools in Maine, Connecticut, and upstate New York. [WSJ]

• It turns out that Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and all those other Slow Food people lecture … well, slowly. [Eater SF]

• You can trust that the Montauk wild striped bass at Eighty One is fresh, since Ed Brown caught it himself and then delivered it to the restaurant. [Insatiable Critic]

• Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, may be willing to eat any kind of offal, but like many of us he also loves a good Shake Shack burger. [Gothamist]
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• Martinis aren’t the only cocktails that make up the boozy world of Mad Men. [Paper]

Scores’ suit accusing the city of harassment and wrongfully taking away its liquor license was dismissed by a judge. [NYP]

• Charcuterie is a part of the Slow Food movement, too, since it comes from sustainable farms and encourages “nose to tail eating.” [WSJ]

School Lunches Go Locavore; Ed Brown Goes Fishing