Rooting For Team Tonayense

You have to love a sentence that starts out, “Our new favorite taco-truck defense blog…” That’s how SFist introduced what is now our new favorite taco-truck defense blog, Burrito Justice, specifically their coverage of the ongoing flap over the Tonayense taco truck at 19th and Harrison. Seems a parents’ group from John O’Connell High School of Technology, which also calls that corner home, wants the truck to scoot.

Now, any burrito-fluent Missionite can tell you that Taqueria Tonayense is more or less a waste of time, and that it truly earns its keep in whatever support role it plays for the small fleet of trucks that bear its name. One of the longest-standing of that fleet is the truck at Mission and 20th, which used to provide this reporter with dinner pretty regularly, so beware of bias.

Anyway, it seems there’s been some friction between the truck and the parents, but fortunately for us, Burrito Justice has weighed in with a verdict (which we assume is legally binding):

Apparently the proximity of the taco truck to O’Connell High creates two classes of students, have (tacos) and have-not (tacos), and somehow puts the school lunch program in jeopardy.

Burrito Justice’s Verdict? DENIED:

* The truck was there before the school.
* Only seniors can go off campus for lunch
* The principal himself goes to the truck for lunch
* According to the City Star, NO students went to the taco truck.

More importantly, though, Burrito Justice has left us with a rallying cry for the ages: “A taco denied is justice denied.” Word.

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[Photo: Via Burritoeater]


Rooting For Team Tonayense