Reviewing The Reviews: When Employees Strike Back

Oh, oft abused reviews function! You truly light up our life. From the high level of confusion involved (for example, the number of people who write in thinking that they are addressing the restaurant owner) to the stratospheric levels of vitriol and anger, the reviews end up seeming like a very useful little microcosm of society. Perhaps the BEST ONE that we’ve ever received came in today, from a Maoz employee who had been called out on his service.

What did the defensive Maoz employee have to say? It’s very long, so we’ve posted it after the jump.

He/she wrote a sort of scathing, definitely lengthy, rebuttal to a review whose main point was that the service at Maoz left much to be desired. “Employee” wrote a 357 word passage, which we’ve tried to distill down to it’s most expressive parts:

Let me start by saying that you have absolutely no idea how many morons come into that resteraunt per day. It’s located on south st, so that should give you some sheer insight into the amount of mouth breathers that pass through the doors. As for us being ignorant and not able to make change… guess what when you have a line out the door and 5 different people asking you something at once it makes it a little harder to give change… or better yet, when some “non ignorant” customer decides to add or change something to their order after its been rung up. HOW HARD IS IT TO ORDER FOOD. Half the people who come in have no idea how to order… When SUPRISE!!! ITS SPELLED OUT… on the newly dumbed down signs. […] Maybe you should come in and work there for an hour…. then maybe youll understand why we tend to be on the edgy side to customers who dont tip and make absurd messes. ITS A SANDWICH… YOU SHOULDNT NEED A FORK TO EAT IT. Now dont get me wrong, sometimes some of the people my boss hires arent the brightest, but we try and weed them out as quickly as possible. But when you deal with the assholes we do daily, youd begin to understand why we are a bit snippy. Maybe next time TIP. It would increase your likely hood of a fork.

Now. We’re sure that working Maoz (or anywhere on South Street) is miles away from being “fun” or “enjoyable,” but still… intense!


Reviewing The Reviews: When Employees Strike Back