Pushing Daisies Is Pushing Pie

In one of most appealing marketing ploys that we’ve read about recently, ABC is sending a pie truck across the country to promote the second season premiere of Pushing Daisies. We don’t watch the show, so we were a little confused about the pie connection, but with minimal research, discovered that the protagonist is a pie-maker who owns a shop called the Pie Hole. Which, incidentally, is the name of the mobile pie truck.

The tour is called the “Touch of Wonder Tour” (yeah, we know), and is making 10 stops across the country. Departure point: Los Angeles, destination: New York, with the second to last stop in Philly this Friday, the 26th.

We are telling you about this, not because we are susceptible to gimmicky promotional gambits, but because the Pie Hole will be giving out free pie. The truck makes it’s Philadelphia visit from 10am-2pm at The Shops at Liberty Place, and it seems that we can expect “free pie, pie-cutters, spatulas and more.” Not only that, “footage from the show will play on plasma TVs, and waitresses on whimsically decorated daisy bicycles ride on by.” Boy howdy!

[Photo: via mobilepiehole/Flickr]


Pushing Daisies Is Pushing Pie