Chicago Magazine: Monthly Roundup

What’s going on this month in the online version of the glossy? A whole lot. What’s going on food-wise? We are telling you right at this very moment!

Riesling is a type of wine that more people should be drinking! (We personally find it a bit too sweet, but we can see where its fans are coming from.) Also: because it is German, there are humorously long-winded names on the label. Like “Paul Anheuser Schlossböckelheimer Königsfels Riesling Kabinett.” Winner.

• Andrés Lara’s pastry kitchen at NoMI is still getting tons of (deserved) press. Doubly so when you read the recipe (and watch the video) for his Brioche Bostock with Chocolate Berry Jam.

• A quick writeup of Yats that remarkably manages to be neither positive (a la Chicago Gluttons) nor negative (a la Nagrant). It just gives us the facts, ma’am.

[Photo: One of Andres Lara’s NoMI desserts, via CHuffPo]


Chicago Magazine: Monthly Roundup