The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the San Francisco Chronicle’s food section. Check back here during your afternoon coffee break for the Weeklies Over Coffee.

• The long-renowned, though recently maligned lard makes a comeback in the Bay Area and beyond. [Loving Lard]

Fleur De Lys chef Hubert Keller will open a location of his burgeoning Burger Bar chain in the Union Square Macy’s. Also, look for a second location of Bar Crudo soon. [Inside Scoop]

• A feast from the Yucatan in your very own home. Step one: Get a bunch of achiote. [South to North: A Taste of the Yucatan — Banana Leaf Optional]

• Eggplant and its associates take over the farmers’ market. [Seasonal Cook]

• Chez Panisse chef David Tanis has a new book that focuses on simple recipes for the home chef. [Cook’s Books]

The Chronicle Over Coffee