The Weeklies Over Coffee

Welcome back to the long-suspended Weeklies Over Coffee, our weekly glance at the Guardian and SF Weekly’s food sections. As we mentioned before, there’s been some behind-the-scenes shuffling around here, and a few of our regular features were lost in the fray for a while, but all is well now, and we’ve even made some improvements — note how the coffee cup graphic is over on the right side. Talk about progress!

First, the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

• Paul Reidinger gleefully spills the “secret” of Elite Cafe. [ A delicious New Orleans-inspired secret on Fillmore]
• L.E. Leone talks about computer dating, crying, and throws in a mention of Santa Rosa’s Saigon Cuisine. [Cheap Eats: Sex and salad]

Meanwhile, over at the SF Weekly:

• Meredith Brody was moderately impressed by the look and food at Level III, but thinks the service could have been a little smoother. [Hurry Up and Slow Down]

The Weeklies Over Coffee