Gastroarcheology: Anzu And Its Ancestors

Okay, here’s a blast from the past: Does anybody have anything to say about the former King Henry restaurant? Or was it King Henry VIII? On Geary Street, in the Tendernob? Maybe it’s where the Ambassador is now? This place was such a trip, and it seems to have disappeared down the Internet’s memory hole.

This came up during a recent trip to Anzu, where a plate of lamb and blue cheese bread pudding and an order of scallops with peanut sauce followed a fancified Caesar salad and a bowl of soba noodles.

Good stuff, to be sure, but the rather plain atmosphere left us yearning for the former goof-fest was King Henry. That restaurant was an early introduction, for us, to the idea of a non-fusion menu with a couple distinct cuisines. Like Anzu, King Henry served steaks and chops as well as sushi and noodles. But they were way more funny about it.

They had this east-not-quite-meets-west thing down. The dining room, divided by a pony wall, sported black wood tables adorned with soy sauce, chopsticks, and little dishes on one side. The other side was filled with white tablecloths, wine glasses and steak-knives. And never the twain shall meet.

While you were free to eat whatever you wanted off the menu, they’d ask you when you walked in whether you were there for steak or sushi, and seat you accordingly. It really was adorable. If you have pictures or memories to share, we’d love to see and hear them.

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[Photo: Anzu dining room via Anzu Official Site]

Gastroarcheology: Anzu And Its Ancestors