Playing Lone Wolf In Dogpatch

You may have noticed that we’re fond of the topic of solo dining around here. Lack of social graces? Body odor issues? probably. But we also like it because it’s one of those minor social taboos that takes just enough nerve to be trying, but risks just little enough to be safe.

Today, Michael Bauer took on the subject, with a short list of mid-range to higher-end suggestions, including Bar Crudo“>Bar Crudo, Boulevard, and Shanghai 1930. It’s a good list, and he’s right to suggest primarily places where you can eat at the bar.

We’d like to humbly add Serpentine, at which we played lone wolf recently. They’ve got a great bar at which you can eat, really friendly bartenders, and it’s fun to get out into one of the city’s less-traveled neighborhoods. Plus the new T line makes it an easy jaunt from Downtown.

What are some of your favorite solo haunts, you brave few readers who don’t mind going it alone?

Dining solo in San Francisco [SF Gate]
Bar Crudo [Official Site]
Boulevard [Official Site]
Shanghai 1930 [Official Site]
Serpentine [Official Site]

[Photo: Serpentine’s bar, via Serpentine/Official Site]


Playing Lone Wolf In Dogpatch