Park Chow, A Home Away From Home

We had a little incident involving raw oysters last weekend and, 3 days of “abdominal discomfort” later, two things are true: 1) we’re off oysters and 2) we haven’t been eating a whole lot this week. Oh, actually and 3) we lost some weight!

Happily, yesterday was the last of it and we finally decided to chance some food around 2 p.m. We knew that soup was really the only option, but frankly we didn’t feel like going all the way to market so we wandered (very slowly and weakly) down to Park Chow.

Despite the effort, it was the right thing to do. We forgot how much we really do like Park Chow. It’s so homey and comfortable. The food is also affordable and just the right amount of variety to please just about every picky eater. Park Chow is our standard Company-From-Out-Of-Town restaurant as well as our weekend brunch spot when we don’t want to deal with the wait at Zazie.

Yesterday, as we sat downstairs in front of the raging fireplace, we noticed that the seating along the wall had been renovated and the chairs were replaced with a wall-long wooden bench backed by a mirror and cute decorative lamps long the bench ledge. It’s a nice touch. Made us stay even longer than planned.

It was hard not to consider some of our favorite rotating menu items—mussels, veggie burger, dumplings—but we knew better after the previous night’s horror and stuck with the daily soup: Lentil in vegetarian broth. That, 2 tall glasses of iced tea and a book kept us there for about hour.

But today is a new a day and we’re glad to be back to normal. We’re also glad to fit into our favorite pair of jeans, which haven’t been our favorite for the last couple of months.

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Park Chow, A Home Away From Home