OMFG: Garces And Vetri In What Might Be Greatest Collab Of The Year

This is news guaranteed to set anyone with even the most cursory interest in the Philly food scene a-twitter! Two of the city’s most acclaimed chefs coming together to make one six-course meal? It probably does not get any better than this. Well, at least for palates — the wallet is another matter, as the dinner will make it $200 lighter. What’s the cause of this unbelievable, albeit not necessarily intuitive, pairing? From the release:

This collaborative dinner will be a celebration of the launches of their respective first cookbooks, Latin Evolution (Lake Isle Press, September 2008) and Il Viaggio Di Vetri: A Culinary Journey (Ten Speed Press, October 2008).

Good enough for us! If one is interested in going, “tickets for this spectacular dinner event are available by calling Brooke Everett at Amada at (215) 625-2506, ext. 109. Seating is limited to 50 guests. Reservations are required.” Although certainly not off-setting the cost, both of the cookbooks are part of the admission price.

It’s not often that dining opportunities like this come up, and although the price tag is high, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be worth it. It should be noted though that the dinner is not “collaborative” in the sense that they will be creating six dishes together, but rather in the sense of being a collaborative evening. The way things will play out is with three courses at Amada, private trolley to transport the 50 lucky eaters to Osteria, and then three courses at Osteria. Each course come with wine pairings.

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OMFG: Garces And Vetri In What Might Be Greatest Collab Of The Year