Oh Baby Baby

We love to find in restaurants: baby artichokes, baby corn, baby lamb chops, baby carrots. But baby people? MenuPages reviewer “thewolley” had his otherwise excellent dining experience at Big Jones marred by the restaurant’s other patrons rolling their eyes at a kid in his party lays down the law:

Guy, roll those peepers back the other way unless you want some Tabasco in them.

Here’s the thing. Kid-related eye-rolling is acceptable only when:
1) They’re crying and their parents are calmly eating/chatting/cellphoning
2) They’re tearing up the joint while their parents smile proudly
3) Their parent(s) run you off the sidewalk with immense strollers
3) There’re so many of them you lose count

And you should roll your eyes at the PARENTS ‘cos the kids simply don’t know any better. Otherwise, you just come off as an irrational dumbass.

While we are not, ourself, a parent, we are a formerly-frequent babysitter, and we more or less agree with this breakdown entirely. It’s rarely fruitful to direct one’s rage at the baby — and we actually find dining near a well-behaved kid to add a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole experience. Few things fill our heart with happiness like a toddler who already recognizes the merits of jambalaya, pickled beets, or torchon de foie gras.

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Oh Baby Baby