The Other Critics

No Stars for Michael’s; BYO Pillow for Lunch at Ko

Frank Bruni eats at Michael’s and echoes the long-held general consensus that the food is bad and overpriced, but you go there to be seen as a media power player. He suggests going for breakfast or sticking with the Cobb salad. But then he saps the restaurant of its stars, so he’s really not suggesting it for anything at all. [NYT]

Ryan Sutton has lunch at Ko, but says he spent over $300 on the meal and still left hungry. Plus, the restaurant is hot and uncomfortable for so long a meal. Stick with dinner. [Bloomberg]

Robert Sietsema deconstructs Japanese curry at Curry-Ya and finds the dish to be “a random juxtaposition of incongruous international elements.” It may be confusing, but it’s delicious. [VV]

Square Meal is a casual, low-key eatery that Nick Paumgarten finds appropriate for its Upper East Side environs. There’s a lot of regulars and elements of the menu that never change. But that’s just fine. [NYer]

La Superior in Williamsburg warrants three stars from Danyelle Freeman, even though it doesn’t look like much or serve liquor. But ignore the décor and go for the street food served there. [NYDN]

Paul Adams visits Macondo and likes exploring its vast menu, but would prefer less repetition of certain ingredients. The verdict: “This is a party-minded snacking restaurant, not one for deep study.” [NYS]

No Stars for Michael’s; BYO Pillow for Lunch at Ko