National: Wine Advocate Publisher Calls For Restaurant Boycott? Really?

So, Robert Parker wants us to boycott restaurants that over-charge for wine. The publisher of Wine Advocate reportedly writes in an upcoming article that restaurants jacking up the price of wine is, “nothing more or less than a legitimized mugging.”

Strong words, no doubt. But for as much as we’d like to see his campaign work, it might be a non-starter. Parker decries the idea of wine as “a luxury item,” but the fact is, for many people, it really is a luxury item. Take, for example, the recent study that found more expensive wine tastes better. And, as long as there is disposable income left in this country, somebody’s probably going to dispose of theirs on fancy wines.

But he’s right that it’s infuriating to know you’re overpaying by as much as 500 percent simply because other suckers out there are willing to do so. So yeah, go ahead and boycott those places that gouge you into the poorhouse, but you may just have to write them off for good. We don’t think they’re going to see the light any time soon.

if you do still want enjoy a glass of wine the next time you’re out to dinner, get a look at Lettie Teague’s Food and Wine tips for getting the best deals in a restaurant. Also, check out this 2003 New York Times article on how wines are priced.

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National: Wine Advocate Publisher Calls For Restaurant Boycott? Really?