National: Snap Those Pounds Off

This is interesting: Seems taking pictures of your food can help with weight loss, at least according to one University of Wisconsin at Madison study.

Serious Eats linked to a Daily Telegraph article on the study:

The pictures appear to have concentrated the dieters’ mind at just the right time, before they were about to eat, the researchers who carried out the study believe.

Photographs were also more effective at encouraging volunteers to watch what they ate than traditional written food diaries.

Could this lead to even more flashbulbs blinding diners in high-end restaurants? Meh, something tells us that only very small percentage of our readers’ spare tires were inflated by foie gras and truffle oil. It’s more likely that as your memory card gets clogged with street hot dogs, midnight ice-cream pig-outs, Big Macs and French-fry-covered, deep-fried bacon, it will act as a real-life metaphor for your arteries.

Perhaps, this news will further steel David Chang’s ban on photography at his exclusive Momofuku Ko in New York.

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[Photo: Via WordRidden/flickr]

National: Snap Those Pounds Off