National: RIP Richard Wright, Hero To Kitchen Workers

Eyes refusing to open to such sad news, we lay half-awake this morning as the clock radio announced that Richard Wright, keyboard player for Pink Floyd, had died, apparently of cancer. Then a Barf Blog post put the tragedy in perspective by pointing out a huge sub-section of Floyd’s fan-base: Kitchen workers:

There was some Tom Petty, and The Clash, but a lot of Pink Floyd. So it was with a nod and a lighter raised in the air to food service workers everywhere upon hearing the nears that founding Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright passed today.

As a matter of fact, he’s right. While Cheap Trick was the big favorite at the 24-hour diner where we worked graveyard in between stints at college, Floyd held its own, and the image of dishwashers banging out plates to Dark Side of the Moon still remains strong.

So godspeed, Richard. The bussers, waiters, dishwashers and line cooks of America owe you a debt for getting us through some pretty hairy shifts. Good luck, er, break a leg at that Great Gig in the Sky.

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[Photo: Via 7241/flickr]

National: RIP Richard Wright, Hero To Kitchen Workers