National: Introducing The Strawmato

File this in the same folder as tumors with hair or maybe three-eyed fish. Only cuter. And edible. Boing Boing has a link to a report from a woman in England who found what looks like a strawberry growing inside a tomato:

Esther, 48, of Cheltenham, Gloucs, said: “It definitely looks like a strawberry in a tomato and it tastes like a tomato but a bit sweeter.” She added: “We’re keeping it in the fridge in case an expert wants to look at it.”

It could just be a coincidentally shaped blob of tomato guts, as Boing Boing points out, or it could really be the next phase of produce: The mash-up.

Strawberry found inside tomato, says gardener [Boing Boing]
Woman finds a strawberry inside a tomato [Nothing To Do With Arbroath]

[Photo: Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath]

National: Introducing The Strawmato