Muracci’s Japanese Curry

Do you ever feel like you’re always the last person to know about fabulous fooderies?

Sure, we pretty much keep our ear to ground, but sometimes we swear we feel like we seriously missed a memo when it comes to hidden gems.

Muracci’s Japanese Curry in the Financial District. Do you know this place? Probably. But we’re going to pretend like we’re not the last people in the foodospehere to hear about this amazing find so that we can continue with this post.

First of all, we’ve decided that we like Japanese Curry the best out of all of the many regional curry options available. The flavor is intense (in a good way) and the spices are right on the money. At least this has been our experience with Muracci. The menu explains the process as thus:

The Muracci curry sauce is simmered with vegetables and herbs/spices for 2 days, resulting in a thick and creamy sauce. In Asia, it is believed that spices and herbs in curry may promote health and well-being.


Muracci’s opened in March and has been serving happy customers in the droves ever since. They have a variety of curry dishes (which you can spice to your liking), lunch specials, some noodle dishes and great brown rice.

Here’s what you should eat: the Katsu Curry (pork culet served with curry sauce), Beef Curry, Salmon Curry and, Oyako Don (chicken with egg rice bowl) and if you like brown rice make sure you go that route when it comes time to choose between that or steamed white.

Here’s what you need to know: This place is tiny. It’s almost like they took build out lessons from Dennis Leary of the Sentinel, though it’s amazing what magic they are able to work in such a small space. That said, there’s going to be a wait and it’s usually pretty hot inside so we’ve kind of established this as a take-out spot, though they do have limited seating. Also, they have a daily special, which has always been sold-out upon our arrival so we suspect this might also be something worth ordering.

And lastly, while the menu brightly proclaims, “Let us cater your next party or meeting,” please note that they actually do not do catering in the true catering sense. We had Muracci’s for a team lunch on Monday and basically we had to order 20 individual meals. It didn’t affect the taste, just don’t expect to get a platter of chicken teriyaki or one of those pan-sized foil dishes full of curry.

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[Photo of Tonkatsu lunch plate via miyagawa/Flickr]

Muracci’s Japanese Curry