Monday Morning Hangover: Torta Milanesa

It is possible that we overdid it this weekend.

Here’s what we’d kill for: A torta milanesa from Maravillas, that we have pleadingly amended to include chorizo as well. Lettuce, tomato, avocado, no sour cream. A giant mug of coffee. And a pineapple Jarritos.

If you find yourself hungover and on the south side, that’s what you need. If you’re more northerly, the experience can be approximated at Arturo’s, but we advise against adding the chorizo (it might make things worse).


Maravillas [MenuPages]
Arturo’s Tacos [MenuPages]

[Photo: Arturo’s torta milanesa (that’s breaded fried steak), via nrsilver’s Flickr]


Monday Morning Hangover: Torta Milanesa