MIJITA: Even When You’re Feeling Meh

We’ve been trying to do a lot lately. Trying to lose weight. Trying to start our own business. Trying to keep up with SF food scene. Frankly, we’re a little burnt out.

Yesterday we struggled through Boot Camp in the morning, downed two iced coffees afterward, and sluggishly left the office in search of lunch at 3 p.m. Labor Day had come and gone and things were supposed to be business as usual, but we just weren’t havin’ it.

But it was such a nice day that we knew better than not to enjoy it so we went to Ferry Building in search of food for lunch (or linner).

It was hot. We went to MIJITA. We had a carnitas taco and sat alone at a long, colorful table trying to make the numbers on our business plan change for the better. The numbers didn’t look so hot, but the taco was good. Handmade corn tortilla, well-seasoned meat, chopped onions, cilantro and a pour of salsa verde. It was $4 and some change, which is pricy for a taco, but we were there and hard pressed to find something cheaper in the vicinity.

And so it goes. It’s a short week so we’re hoping to shake off the doldrums in time for the weekend. In the meantime, we aim to at least eat lunch earlier the rest of the week—doldrums love low blood sugar.

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MIJITA: Even When You’re Feeling Meh