Menace To The North: To Market, To Market

Milwaukee’s Public Market is a wonder: Local, independent vendors for everything from produce to sushi to artisanal bread, gathered under one roof, supported by the city, and visited by thousands upon thousands of shoppers.

The closest Chicago has to that are our greenmarkets — admittedly, nothing to sneeze at, but they tend not to stray from the produce and perishables department. But with tomorrow’s opening of the Chicago Downtown Farmstand, the Local Beet points out that we could be one step closer to Milwaukee’s local purvey paradise. All we’ve got to do is make the Downtown Farmstand so wildly successful that officials decide it’s worth it to keep the market running year-round.

Now go get shopping!

Chicago Downtown Farmstand [The Local Beet]
Chicago Downtown Farmstand [City of Chicago Official Site]
Milwaukee Public Market [Official Site]

[Photo via Milwaukee Public Market]

Menace To The North: To Market, To Market