Medjool: Reservations The Old-Fashioned Way

An easy-to-get reservation at Medjool seems to have really gotten under Meredith Brody’s skin. In a post on SFoodie today, Brody bemoans some party girls who had the gall, the sheer audacity, to call Medjool on a Saturday afternoon, asking about a reservation for 12 that very night. And got it.

“I needed the courage of the fearless – or the clueless,” Brody sneers, recounting her own recent, failed mid-week reservation attempt. Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, Brody fact-checked the girls on Open Table today:

P.S.: I just checked Open Table for a party of twelve at 8:30 for next Saturday at Medjool. The response? “No tables are available within 2 hours of your 8:30 PM request.”

So, being the contrary b*tches that we are, we fact-checked Brody using a plain old telephone:

“It’s pretty open,” the guy said when we rang up just a minute ago, asking about a party of 12 this Saturday night. “We can take you at 6, 7, 7:30, or 9.” OpenTable, however, still claims there’s nothing available.

What’s going on here? We sent an e-mail to OT asking about and we’ll update you when and if we hear back. In the meantime, the site’s FAQ section has this to say:

Some reservation requests, such as those with larger party sizes, do not match the standard table layout and associated reservation slots at a restaurant. However, a reservationist may be able to accommodate those requests by reconfiguring or combining tables.

Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to call and ask a restaurant to do a favor for you. Large parties rack up large bills, which they like. Also: We need to get a freaking life.

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[Photo: The Sky Terrace at Medjool via lil’bear/flickr]


Medjool: Reservations The Old-Fashioned Way