Loving Hut: The Pastel Express To Stop In SF?

Astute Chowhound Xiao Yang has been following the transformation of the former Po Kee space into what appears to be the United States’ second outpost of super-pastel vegan restaurant Loving Hut, which currently has locations in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Here’s the latest from yesterday:

By way of an update, they had the new awning up and painted today. Yesterday the front door was open (it being a hot day) and workers could be seen assembling tables. A big plasma TV had been installed over the service counter and it was broadcasting what appeared to be Suma Ching Hai’s Supreme Master Television station. On the one hand they look like they are rushing to open it soon, but on the other hand they have yet to float any hype of the type that went with the opening of the Milpitas branch.

The first U.S. branch opened in Milpitas July 13, to much fanfare, at least on the Loving Hut site. There’s a video and everything. Even though all signs point to “yes,” we don’t have official word from the Loving Hut people just yet about the San Francisco location. We’ll let you know.

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[Image Via Loving Hut/Official Site]

Loving Hut: The Pastel Express To Stop In SF?