Looking Ahead To Fall, Part I

So, that autumnal crispness has pervaded the air, and in keeping with that (plus the fact that it’s already September…) the two main food dudes over at the Inky let us in on their hopes/dreams/expectations for fall.

First up, LaBan. On his end, it’s all about Mexican, Izakaya in AC, pizza, Alison Two, and Melograno. He points out that “in less than a decade, our Mexican scene has gone from mild to blazing-hot, with everything from authentic taquerias to nuevo tamale tastings,” and singles out Distrito, Cantina Dos Segundos, and El Camino Real for this fall. Truly though, the proliferation of Mexican places is nutso, what with Azul Cantina and Paxia also having opened recently.

What else does he suggest we get psyched to eat?

• Not strictly speaking in the city, Izakaya in AC also gets a nod with its “high-style take on Japanese pub fare,” and after the early raves, we can’t say that we’re surprised.

• Meanwhile, pizza might be a popular motif for fall what with the lagging economy. In that spirit, he points to Earth Bread + Brewery and Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar as pies to look forward to this fall. We wish to add that Home Slice is also a recently opened pizza option in town, so as the downturn makes you feel blue, just know that you have three different — totally new — pizza places to cheer you up.

• The suburbs can sometimes be a bit of a black hole, dining-wise, but the opening of Alison two is bound to change this, at least a little.

• Melograno is opening bigger… the question remains, will it be better?

“Dining’s big new wave” [Inquirer]


Looking Ahead To Fall, Part I