Kurve Is Finally, Totally Open. Help Yourself to a Menu

Zach Desart
Zach Desart

Andy Yang has reopened his beleaguered restaurant, Kurve, with a new menu that features more dim sum and a stronger emphasis on Thai seasonings (the Wagyu rib eye is now topped with a tamarind, not a teriyaki, sauce). Yang says he isn’t sweating blogs that have predicted the place’s demise: “The reason we closed [temporarily] is we want to be ready. I’ve been waiting for two years building this place. If I want to wait another few months, it’s fine.” So far, Yang says, people have either loved or hated his food, and same with the décor. “I’ve had people stand in front of the restaurant and say, ‘Oh, is this a gay bar?’” Not at all — he just likes pink! Anyway, enough about the place’s design. Now that it’s in full swing (actually, it’s only open from 5 p.m. till 2 a.m. — it’ll go till 4 a.m. starting September 23) let’s have a look at the dinner menu, along with the Pichet Ong desserts and the Sasha Petraske cocktails (like the food, the latter employ fresh ingredients like coconut juice, basil seeds, and … spring onions?).

Dinner Menu

Veal chop with black-pepper sauce - $7
Bean-curd skin with pork - $7
Chicken and sticky rice in lotus leaf - $8
Shrimp dumplings - $7
Crab-meat dumplings - $8
Seafood dumplings - $8
Shark-fin dumplings - $11
Shrimp and chive dumplings - $11
Pork and vegetable dumplings - $7
Duck dumplings - $8
Chicken dumplings - $7
Bamboo heart dumplings - $7
Snow-pea-leaf dumplings - $7
Spinach dumplings - $7
Mushroom dumplings - $7
Roast pork pie - $7
Bacon-wrapped tiger shrimp - $7
Fried mango shrimp with spicy mayo - $7
Dim sum platter - $46
Vegetarian dim sum platter - $16

Wok-charred edamame and spicy miso glaze - $6
Grilled beef satay - $9
Rock-shrimp tempura - $14
Five-spices crispy calamari - $9
Chawanmushi - $9
Salmon crispy cup - $9
Salmon-wrapped larb duck - $14
Sea-eel Hokkaido-style sushi - $14
Miso-cured black cod - $14
Grilled pork and sticky rice - $9
Thai nachos - $9
Spicy salmon tartare - $12

Coconut salmon soup - $11
Thai tom yum lobster soup - $13
Organic market salad and hijiki - $11
Soft-shell crab and baby-arugula salad - $18
Papaya salad with seared tuna - $14


Thai-style risotto and Kurobuta pork - $17
Prime rib eye teriyaki and shiitake mushroom - $24
Spaghetti carbonara with basil and bacon - $14

Massaman curry with organic chicken - $17
Pad Thai shrimp and chicken - $14
Grilled honey duck - $17
Thai basil shrimp and chicken plate - $17

Steamed filet of black cod with fresh plum scallion - $28
Lobster and sea urchin with miso butter - $34
Crispy red snapper with Thai red curry - $24
King salmon green curry - $24
Sake-infused Chilean sea bass - $26
Blue-crab fried rice - $18

Pink rhubarb, raspberry, and green tea tiramisu
Carrot cake with cream-cheese Chantilly, lime, and flower salted caramel
Dark-chocolate devil’s cake, Assam tea cream, bing cherry, and cocoa pearls
Ovaltine-milk chocolate pudding, banana, caramelized Rice Krispies
Yuzu panna cotta, huckleberries, black-pepper meringue
Sorbet: mangosteen, strawberry
Ice Cream: Ovaltine, vanilla-condensed milk

Thai Iced Tea (with white rum and vodka) - $12
Palm Rickey (lime juice, palm sugar, white rum, soda) - $15
Nillson Fizz (fresh coconut juice, lime, white rum, soda) - $15
Rum Buck (fresh ginger juice, lime, aged rum,soda) - $12
Bottle Rocket (pepper lemon juice, sugar, gin, soda) - $12
Mojito (mint, lime juice, sugar, white rum) - $12
Cosmonaut (red currant preserves, lemon juice, gin) - $12
Basil Fix (basil, lemon juice, sugar, gin) - $12
Negroni (Campari, sweet vermouth, gin) - $12
Spring Forward (dry vermouth, gin, spring onion) - $12
St. Germain Cocktail (elderflower cordial, Sauvignon Blanc, splash of soda) - $12
House Champagne Cocktail (house made sorbetto and
Champagne) - $15
French “75” (lemon juice, sugar, gin, Champagne) $15
Aperol Champagne - $15

Kurve Is Finally, Totally Open. Help Yourself to a Menu