Kilts Up, Feminism Down

As if two Hooterses weren’t enough, we can now welcome to Chicago yet another girls-in-skimpy-outfits-will-serve-you-beer-and-bar-food joint: The Tilted Kilt, “The Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen,” is slated for a late November opening on the second story of 17 N. Wabash. The pitch:

a contemporary, Celtic theme sports pub staffed with beautiful servers. And guess what the uniforms would be… knee-high socks and short, sexy plaid kilts with matching plaid halter tops under white shirts tantalizingly tied to show off the midriff.

Oh hey, there’s also food. It’s a standard extended pub menu, with the occasional UK wink — Braveheart’s Chopped Salad, Longshank’s Sausage Sandwich, Kamana-Wana-Lei-U Pizza. Erm, actually, that last one’s not Scottish. Or able to be ordered aloud in front of your mom.

There are also dirty limericks on the back of the (online) menu, which we are refraining from publishing because this is a family blog, goddamnit. But they involve elephant private parts and if we were not sort of personally incensed about this restaurant’s very existence (“Sotos says he has no qualms about the overt use of sex appeal to lure customers” -S-T), we might actually find them quite hilarious.

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Kilts Up, Feminism Down