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We wrote about the delightfully eccentric Kenny Shopsin, of New York’s Shopsin’s, but a couple days ago and that same night, he appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. For those readers who have never been to Shopsin’s, and perhaps may never go, this clip is a pretty stellar example (minus a lot of cursing) of what to expect from Mr. Shopsin. For those who have , he’s in fine form, no?

The video is a fun watch, not only for the way these two banter (seriously, have two people ever looked more perplexed and befuddled by the other?), but also, because of what they cook up. Mac and cheese pancakes? A pancake with a tiny little burger in it? S’MORES PANCAKES? Kenny Shopsin is truly blowing our mind with all of these reinventions!

What’s more, this video — plus all of the Shopsin-mania swirling around the release of his cookbook — just happens to fall during the same week as National Pancake Day, which is tomorrow. As far as coincidences go, this one could hardly get better: Shopsin has whet pancake appetites nationwide + you basically have no recourse but to stuff your face with pancakes tomorrow.

We can’t all rush to Shopsin’s for mac and cheese pancakes, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t mighty fine pancakes to be found elsewhere in the country. So run on down to It’s Top’s tomorrow and remind yourself what a real short stack tastes like. Hell, order yourself a side of macaroni and see what happens.

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Kenny & Conan, Cooking