Impending DeathMatch Alert: Tamarkin Vs. Sudo

As we’ve mentioned, David Tamarkin of Time Out Chicago has a piece up today attacking the locavore/localvore movement. It’s been getting plenty of attention, but we uncovered this hidden gem in the comments section of Chicagoist’s notation of the piece:

Tamarkin raises good points, but the ones with which I disagree based more on what I feel are his assumptions that those embracing the localvore lifestyle are either near-sighted with regard to the global economy or not doing their homework on how their local produce is sourced.

I’ll most likely have more to say on this when I post a challenge review next week.

The author of this comment? Oh, just Chuck Sudo, food editor of the ‘ist. Consider our breath held.


Impending DeathMatch Alert: Tamarkin Vs. Sudo