If It Happens: Where To Watch The Debate In San Francisco

Well, our country seems to be in crisis mode and we can’t be certain of anything, let alone the debates on Friday. Are they on? Are they off? Who knows?

All we do know is that if they are on, they air at 6 p.m. PDT, and that simply does not leave time to clock out for the day, commute, make dinner and settle in front of the TV set to watch the blue and red duke it out behind podiums.

Ideal would be some kind of bar or restaurant that’s set up to air ball games tuning its screen to the debate. A thread on SFist points to 2 Lips, Inner Mission Beer Parlor, The Page, and probably some others we forgot or that haven’t been mentioned yet.

But you know what place does have a big ol’ screen and is for sure showing this (if it happens, mind you)? The Roxie Theater. That’s where the League of Young Voters’ San Francisco chapter is holding their watch-party. It’s $6.00 to get int, but It’s BYOB. That means bring your own burritos, natch.

Taqueria El Castillito on 17th and Mission gets our vote for best nearby burrito. Panchita’s pupusas are pretty stellar as well, but less concealable and containable (you know how movie theaters get. The B really stands for booze, duh. You still have to be cool, food-wise). You can only buy tickets online for this show, so grab some now.

The Roxie thing seems like the best way to gain bragging rights over your friends in the East Bay, who get to watch the debates for free at the Speakeasy Theaters, including the Parkway in Oakland, and the Cerrito in El Cerrito. These joints sell pizza and beer all the time, and at least the Parkway has couches. Can’t speak for the Cerrito.

Wherever you watch them, please heed our advice and make sure you have a drink in your hand. We won’t be held responsible for injuries you may incur by allowing poorly executed soundbites into the brain without proper lubrication.

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[Photo via Speakeasy Theaters]

If It Happens: Where To Watch The Debate In San Francisco