I Had Two Mochaccinos Today, I Feel Like Ralphing

Boston’s North End is famous for its Italian flavor. The Hanover Street restaurants create delicious dishes while lines of eager patrons waiting for a reservation stream out the door on busy evenings. Mobster wannabes (and probably some real life participants) smoke cigars on benches along the street. And amidst it all, a thriving young professional populations power walks by in business suits fresh from their cubicles in the Financial District. In a neighborhood with such character, it’s important to know where the best coffee is served.

We’ve been fans of Caffe Vittoria since our early college days, when we’d look to the North End to escape dining hall food and the accompanying plastic trays and hair nets. Not only would we feed our caffeine addiction with the cappuccinos and lattes (voted Best of Boston by the Improper Bostonian yet again this year), but we’d often find a reason to order a dish of gelato in flavors like lemon and coconut. Also available are decadent pastries like cannolis, eclairs, and cheesecakes, if you have a sweet tooth that needs to be fed.

While you might assume Caffe Vittoria to be the type of place you have to go in and sit down with friends, it definitely keeps up with the hectic times. Due to the early mornings of many Bostonians, Vittoria is open every day by six AM. A Vittoria cappuccino in your hand as you stroll to the office definitely makes for a much more comfortable day at work. However, night owls aren’t left out on the fun. The cafe stays open until midnight daily, meaning if you need a jolt to write a paper or just stay awake, you know your only option isn’t Dunkin Donuts.

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I Had Two Mochaccinos Today, I Feel Like Ralphing