How Your Tribune Sausage Gets Made

This morning we noticed that a Christopher Borrelli article on a local gelateuse was a repeat of an earlier article, and we raised an allcaps eyebrow. A source emails us an explanation:

“Good Eating is a zoned section. Some zones are bigger than others in terms of news hole, so there are times when stories like Borrelli’s can’t be run in all zones because of lack of space. The stories then run the next week in the zones that missed it the first time.”

That’s a helpful explanation of why the paper does what it does, but it doesn’t quite explain why the same article ran twice (with some subtle changes, no less) nearly a month apart, in the online version of the paper, with no “this article first appeared on August 20” or similar tacked on to the end of the piece. Because the internet’s storage capacity, like outer space, is more or less infinite. But this is a food and restaurant blog, not a journalism blog, so we will stifle our critical impulses and just be happy that we had tacos for lunch.

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How Your Tribune Sausage Gets Made