Horror Stories

There’s a delicious blind item over on Line Cook about a certain “tavern” where blogger/chef Richie seems to have had an awful experience. It went up last week under the headline “Nothing Interesting” and, fools that we were, we believed him. But that was a mistake, because it was interesting, as is almost any story about laughably bad restaurant service. Here’s our favorite part:

The chef (not the big name, but the exec) came into the bar and cuddled up with a girl on the couch…something that seemed strange when one was trying to make a week old kitchen work. After the 45 minutes passed, I headed to the host desk–only to stopped short with “YOUR TABLE WILL BE READY SOON!” being shouted at me. I never even got the chance to ask about it in the first place….what if I just wanted to know where the bathroom was?

Have we not all been there once or twice? It really sucks getting yelled at for something you didn’t do, especially by someone to whom you’re about to pay a couple hundred dollars, especially when what you’re seemingly accused of doing isn’t yell-worthy.

Then there’s the food. Well, you go look at the pictures for that.

So where is this mystery “tavern?” Anybody know?

Nothing Interesting [Line Cook]


Horror Stories