Happiness, On A Stick

Minnesota: It is not Chicago.

BUT. This unignorable fact of jurisdiction did not keep us from hoping, deep in our hearts, that the MP overlords might look at the calendar and turn to us and say “Hey, Chicago person, why don’t you go to Minneapolis for Labor Day weekend and check out the goings-on at the Minnesota state fair? Also, here, we are paying for you to go!” Unsurprisingly, this did not happen, and we spent Labor Day weekend doing standard Labor Day weekend things like going to Home Depot to get a shelf made.

Our obsession with this particular state fair is long-lived (we mused about it on our personal blog long before working at MP was a glimmer in your mom & dad’s eye), and this year lived up to every element of the hype. The major component of that being: Food on a stick. This year there were over 60 varieties, from standard pickles and corndogs to wild concoctions like spaghetti and meatballs and hotdish (a quintessentially Minnesotan confection alternating meatballs and tater-tots on a skewer, breaded and deep-fried, and dipped in a little container of cream of mushroom soup).

For a complete experience (and we are swooning in our chairs as we watch this, and setting aside the change from our lunch in a hopeful bid to save up to attend next year’s fair, employer-sanctioning bedamned), we highly recommend the watching of this video, via Serious Eats.

[HT: Raphael]

Happiness, On A Stick