Hammer Time

We often find ourselves roaming the South End, knowing good food is around most corners. It’s easy to get lost on the cobblestone side streets, and we love happening upon a cute cafe or a tiny market. We aren’t often or easily disappointed, but we know when to stop pressing our luck, too. So when it comes to an amazing meal with some of the city’s most refined service, we make a beeline for Hamersley’s Bistro.

There are many a French bistro around town that serve a perfectly acceptable platter of goodies, but few rise to the top as Hamersley’s can. You have never had such a perfect plate of chicken. You have never had such a perfectly crisp fruit tart. Perfect portions make it possible to sample from every course without discomfort. And even down to the most simple but often ruined parts of the meal, you have never had such fresh bread, save that summer in Paris you lived upstairs from a baker. You get the idea, right?

But after all the years we’ve been patronizing the ol’ HB, all the delicious menu swaps and seasonal comings and goings, the one thing that never changes is the service - sometimes literally. An impeccably informed and kind staff can be hard to come by, but the bistro management is arguably as professional as the kitchen, employing many a server for years on end. Take it from us. In all our years of waiting tables, we never had a boss we wanted to hang with for more than a year, tops. But at Hamersley’s, they stay for years. We love knowing that everyone in the place is being treated as well as we are.

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Hammer Time