JGV Takes Canada; NYC Cop Protects KFC Chicken

• Farmers and bakers in New York State have been growing their own wheat for flour even though the climate here is said to not be ideal. The unprocessed results have more flavor, but inconsistencies in texture make baking difficult, which is why Amy’s Bread hasn’t been able to transition. [NYT]

• New bars might be reviving classic cocktails, but why not go direct to sources like King Cole Bar and the Algonquin? [NYS]

• Albert Trummer explained why unfermented grape juice is better than Welch’s for his cocktails at Apothéke. He gets his from Long Island, but you can now get the Napa good stuff at Macy’s Herald Square. [NYT]
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Patsy’s Pizzeria won its court battle with the original and is free to expand the Patsy’s pizza brand. First stop: Vegas, baby! [NYP]

• None other than Bo Dietl is in charge of protecting KFC’s secret batter recipe while it’s temporarily moved from the company’s Kentucky headquarters, which is getting a security overhaul. [NYDN]

• Jean-Georges Vongerichten will open a restaurant, Market, early next year in the Shangri-La Hotel, but with JGV spread so thin, at least one local critic is adopting a wait-and-see attitude: “The value added of a Culinary Concept restaurant in our city shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a given.” [City Food]

JGV Takes Canada; NYC Cop Protects KFC Chicken