Get Your Kookez While They’re Hot

The clock is ticking for fans of Noe Valley’s Kookez Cafe. After selling the joint six months ago, the family of proprietors is just waiting around for the money to go through and the keys to change hands. But if you act quick, you can still get some of those famous cookies and cupcakes.

“We’re at the point now where any day we can get a phone call saying, ‘the money’s in escrow, you guys are done,’” co-owner Deano Lovecchio said on the phone today. “A lot of people think we’re already closed.”

But they’re not. At least not all the way. They’ve cut out dinner service, but you can still get brunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it’s anyone’s guess for how much longer.

“It’s been an experience and it’s a chance for us to move forward and maybe do something else down the road,” Lovecchio said.

Fortunately, for you Kookez cupcakes fans, Lovecchio’s mom, the “Cookie Queen” Lynn Presley, will still be distributing the treats to a couple of stores in San Francisco (stay tuned for where). Meanwhile, the Kookez crew, which includes Lovecchio, his wife Shyer Lovecchio, Presley, and her fiance Bob Peak, are in the process of making their final exit from the space at 4123 24th Street.

With just a bit of luck, you’ll have a chance at brunch this weekend. But you’d better get there quick. That phone might ring any minute.

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Get Your Kookez While They’re Hot