FYI: What Happened To Oversight?

• Regulations on produce coming from Mexico to the States are not tip-top. Could this be the root of some of the recent salmonella recalls? Maybe! [Chicago Tribune]

• An update on the tainted powdered milk drama taking place in China: two babies have died; two brothers have been arrested on the suspicions that they added melamine to the formula. Not good, not good at all. [AP]

• The state of Florida is buying the United States Sugar Corporation, in a move that is supposed to help restore the Everglades. It’s also a move that will help the Fanjuls, a family perhaps best described as the Microsoft of the sugar world. [NYT]

• Pat yourselves on the back for being so awesome at eating locally, Californians! Now that being a locavore has become de rigeur, you may be called upon to become “locavolts.” [San Francisco Chronicle]

• In other happy food news, food banks are benefiting from a bounty of food, mostly in California. Volunteer harvesters collect food from gardens that might otherwise go to waste, and redistribute it to the needy. So nice. [NYT]


FYI: What Happened To Oversight?