FYI: Time To Stop Blaming The Cows?

• In a new development in the whole the-cattle-are-ruining-the-environment idea, it turns out that cows can be made greener simply by changing their diet. Huh. Now back to your steak and milk! [Times UK]

• One upside of economic downturn/environmental crisis is an increased incentive to bring lunch, and packed lunches have really evolved. [Boston Globe]

• In post-modern news items, the NYT clues in to the fact that Yelp and Zagat reviewers have made everyone a critic and can — gasp! — sometimes be as useful as professional reviews. [NYT]

• Truly on fire this weekend, the Grey Lady posits that escalating competition between Pinkberry and Red Mango may have helped create the current fro-yo craze. [NYT]

• California wants to buy water from farmers, but the farmers say there’s not enough. On the other hand, Oakland’s Pacific Institute says farmers could increase their water conservation to the tune of billions of gallons per year. Well? Which one is it, guys? [LA Times vs San Francisco Chronicle]


FYI: Time To Stop Blaming The Cows?