FYI: Sprinky Dink

• Cupcake bakeries are embroiled in a delicious trademark dispute. One is called “Sprinkled Pink” and should welcome the chance to get rid of that name. [LA Times]

• Tropical Storm Hanna has caused so much flooding in Goniaves, Haiti, that trucks bearing food aid can’t even reach the area. [NY Times]

• You know that chemical BPA? The one that’s probably in your water bottle? Well, it might be reducing your ability to learn and remember. That explains so much about college. []

• San Francisco’s mayor wants to use local food for school and prison meals. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• Oh hey, speaking of sprinkles, it turns out that the former director of external affairs at Dunkin’ Donuts (Dunkie’s, for the Bostonians among us) was embezzling like crazy. [Boston Globe]


FYI: Sprinky Dink