FYI: No Calcium-Enhanced Beef Just Yet

• Those FDA guidelines on genetically modified animals were released on Thursday, and the plan is to treat modified animals “like drugs.” There is already a glow-in-the-dark aquarium fish on the market, but don’t expect to find GMO meat in your supermarket today. [Chicago Tribune]

• Attention aspiring diner-owners! The owner of Grubb’s Diner in Huntingdon, PA is looking to sell or even donate his vintage diner to the right person. Once you’ve proven your mettle, all you need to do is move and reopen it. [Boston Globe]

• The judges at the Nez Perce County Fair in Idaho awarded first place in the “hog-calling” category to a woman named Bacon. Jolee Bacon. [AP]

• “Spain… on the Road Again,” the culinary/travel show featuring Mark Bittman, Mario Batali, Gwyneth Paltrow, and some other chick, begins airing this week. Opinion is divided on whether the addition of Paltrow will be a boon or a bust. Guess we’ll find out soon enough! [NYT]

• In the world of cure-all food trends, acai seems to be the new wheatgrass or bee pollen. Before it was that, the berry was a “poor man’s staple” in the Amazon. Now it’s known as “purple gold,” and although considered a green harvest, there are concerns about what it might do to the rain forest. [LA Times]


FYI: No Calcium-Enhanced Beef Just Yet