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Fresh Is Sold, and Michael Ferraro Is Out Like a Trout

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

Not a couple of weeks ago, the folks at Fresh, the Tribeca seafood joint whose owner, Eric Tevrow, pleaded guilty to evading over $1 million in taxes last year, were beaming about their new chef, Michael Ferraro. Maybe we should’ve found that a little bit … fishy. Chef Ferraro now tells us that the restaurant has been sold, and he’s resigning since his menu is no longer in the picture. Maybe the new owners don’t find overnighting bigeye tuna from Hawaii cost-effective? The chef’s statement follows.

First and foremost, I would like to whole-heartedly thank you for your interest and support in my fervent endeavor at Fresh restaurant. My venture at Fresh was memorable, as was the inventive menu and creativity I had to bring to the table. I was brought aboard to Fresh restaurant to try and revive the hurting restaurant and restore it from the disarray left by Eric Tevrow. The short time I was a part of this imaginative, unique restaurant has been etched in my heart and will not be forgotten. In the few months that I was a part of this restaurant, business steadily improved and the hope for a new, immensely improved Fresh was just in our grasp. Unfortunately, the quest for me ends here. Due to the recent surge in business, Tribeca Partners have decided to sell the restaurant while their heads were above water, to get the most value out of it. The new owners of the property have decided to go in a different direction with the restaurant, as well as the menu, leaving me with the adverse decision of resigning. The potential that Fresh restaurant had was immeasurable, but not as immense as what the future holds for me. I look forward to my next experience and pleasing the palates across New York City. Until then, I am confident that my food speaks for itself and I can assertively say that you will hear from me again soon. Again, sincere thanks for your interest and I trust that you will keep your eyes, ears and palates open for what is soon to come.

You heard it, restaurateurs — if you want Ferraro’s ready-to-roll menu, it’s up for grabs.

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Fresh Is Sold, and Michael Ferraro Is Out Like a Trout