Le Sanctuaire: Food Implement Porn At Union Square

No salad as a meal has a couple photos and an enticing description of Le Sanctuaire, a Union Square cooking store so exclusive and low-profile that (should we be embarrassed to say this?) we didn’t even know it existed until today:

There’s nothing obvious about it, its inconspicuous entrance is the opposite of your typical culinary store. But inside, the small showroom makes Williams-Sonoma look like Wal-Mart.

The website reflects that, what with its eight varieties of fancy salt, a dozen truffle oils and pates, multi-thousand-dollar vacuum packaging machines, and so on. This place is a gourmet’s dream, and while you can easily spend your whole year’s pay in a day, there seem to be some very nice, actually affordable items as well. And hey, it’s free to look, right?

Entremet: Le Sanctuaire [No salad as a meal]
Le Sanctuaire [Official Site]

[Photo: via Le Sanctuaire]

Le Sanctuaire: Food Implement Porn At Union Square