Everyone’s Got An Opinion: Privé Edition

Michael Klein weighed in last week, and over the weekend, a couple of the ol’ blogs checked it out and tossed in their two cents.

Over on Phoodie.info, the excellent point is made that “True Philadelphians don’t oft find themselves [traipsing] through the nether regions of Old City for a bite to eat.” (So much truth in one pithy sentence!) The take away is that something needs to be pretty great to merit a jaunt through these parts of town, and while so, so close Prive might not be quite up to snuff yet. The space is great, the menu is inventive and interesting, but there are some problems with the execution that keep Prive from being the place to go to in Old City just yet.

Meanwhile, prolific eater/blogger Living On The Vedge weighs in with overwhelmingly good things to say! 1) It wasn’t the dreaded Old City scene, 2) there was a wealth of vegetarian options, and 3) the desserts were great. The description of the walnut profiteroles is awfully enticing: “a small wonder, buoyant puffs capped off with a crunchy walnut crust, floating in a white and dark chocolate lake, dressed to the nines with even more artisan chocolat and a single perfect blackberry signature.”

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Everyone’s Got An Opinion: Privé Edition