Esquire’s 20 Best Steaks In America

The Best ____ lists that Esquire routinely produces tend to be pretty spot-on. A few days ago though, they put out a list enumerating “The 20 Best Steaks In America,” and while our hearts trilled at the fact that Philly made the list, the actual mention was sort of irksome.

Because what did Esquire select as Philly’s contribution to American steaks? Yeah. That’s right. In chorus now: a CHEESESTEAK. Listen up, world! We know that cheesesteaks are a regional specialty, and yes, they are mighty tasty. But really, at this point, they’re a super fun thing to point to when you are not in the know, but want to seem in the know. We understand that the list is a little gimmicky; that it was probably meant to be somewhat cutesy and cheesy. But mostly, it seems a little bit lazy.

Anyway, we don’t want to harp, just to call them on it. More importantly, since cheesesteaks is what we got, what did Esquire have to say on them? Well, they chose Pat’s King of Steaks on the grounds that

Pat’s added Cheez Wiz to the Philly cheesesteak–that much we know. It’s also the most credible of those claiming to have invented the sandwich itself. After sixty years it remains greasy beyond redemption and probably not so good for you. So eat only one. Get the second one to go.

Oh, and cheese fries on the side.

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[Photo: via Pat’s King of Steaks]


Esquire’s 20 Best Steaks In America