Escaping The Cubicle: Lunchtime Sushi Break

We lasted a grand total of four months in the corporate world. In between our exciting days of writing descriptions of lighting fixtures and area rugs, we often spent our lunch break strolling the downtown area. While sushi often seems like the type of meal that takes extensive time to prepare and eat, we found a fabulous little restaurant that makes fresh sushi right in front of you while still providing time to eat within your lunch break. Ueno Sushi, named after an area of Tokyo that holds some of the country’s best museums (including the National Museum of Western Art which features Rodin’s “Gates of Hell”), takes a little piece of Japan to the financial district.

Our favorite roll at Ueno is the Boston Roll, a combination of cucumber, avocado, and salmon. However, there are many other pieces for the more adventurous foodie. A great bonus is the Miso soup that accompanies most of the larger meals, and a giant tank of green tea that’s free for the taking.

Ueno is a legendary area of Tokyo, and Ueno Sushi is a great place to hide out from your workplace on your lunch hour. So before you return through those corporate “Gates of Hell,” sample some of Ueno’s delicious creations. We guarantee it will make the trek back to the office a little less painful.

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Escaping The Cubicle: Lunchtime Sushi Break