Did Michelle’s Gumbo Win Barack’s Heart?

There seems to be no shortage of interest surrounding food and the Presidential candidates. Way back in April, the New York Times ran that collection of pieces about the intersection of our pantries and how we vote. For example, if your go-to fast food restaurant is Hardee’s, you “might” be a McCain partisan! If you prefer Panera Bread, you “might” be an Obama supporter!

Beyond what our food preferences say about our political leanings, the eating habits of McCain, Obama, and their respective families are also a subject of endless fascination. Just yesterday, the Boston Globe published an article about what the candidates like to eat (because “a politician’s relationship to food can say a lot about him or her”).

And let’s not forget Cindy McCain’s recipegate (also from April), wherein the potential First Lady maybe, sorta, kinda plagiarized some recipes that she had presented as treasured family favorites!

The newest and (forgive us for slipping into partisanship!) most supremely exciting thing to happen in re: food and the Presidential race is Michelle Obama’s appearance on Paula Deen’s cooking show, Paula’s Party. The episode will air on the Food Network on September 20, and People.com has a first look at the episode! From it, we learn the following fun facts: seafood gumbo is the first thing that Michelle cooked for Barack, she hasn’t made it since, and Paula and Michelle make fried shrimp together. (Sadly, the video is not embeddable, so you will have to go to People.com to watch it.)

Barack Obama and John McCain may still be duking it out, but we’re pretty sure that Michelle Obama is going to firmly clinch the First Lady cooking showdown when she appears on Paula’s Party.

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[Photo: screencap of Paula’s Party with Michelle Obama via People.com]

Did Michelle’s Gumbo Win Barack’s Heart?